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  • Can two points touch one another and not be just one point? Can people?

  • We tend to make sense of everything even if it’s nonsense.

  • Empathy is that fine strand that binds us to both misery and joy.

  • Never bargain with your fears, because in the end the fears will win.

  • Much of the longings for our youth are for those feelings of our being important, while in old age, it is all too easy to have just the opposite feeling.

  • We need to always be aware of the influence that one day has on the next, for in a sense each of us is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow.

  • Each year we perform the service of burying the past year until one of the years rolls up its sleeves and does the same for us.

  • Perhaps the best things in life are free if all of the non-free things are paid for first, like food, clothing, and shelter.

  • It makes as much sense to criticize the contents of books, television, and movies, because they are distasteful to someone, as it would be for those that like the contents to criticize the criticizer because they find his food, home, or clothing distasteful.

  • As long as one remains a “can be” he’s not a “has been”.

  • Were we able to comprehend our finiteness in both time and space, we would be profoundly humbled instead of being profoundly impressed by our significance.

  • The older one gets, the more it seems that the failures of the past must crowd into one’s thoughts at bedtime before, at last, allowing sleep to enter.

  • It seems strange, but one doesn’t need to pursue happiness in order to be happy as the direct seeking of happiness is a very unhappy pursuit.

  • It would be rare to find someone that isn’t more concerned about their reputation than their character.

  • The planting of trees is reproduction by old men.

  • We enter life as though we enter a theater in the midst of a very long movie, knowing a little of what we missed and even less of what will follow after our leaving.

  • Lottery tickets are tiny bits of life’s desperations.

  • As long as there are those that fear others, there will be those that seek power. Power holds the promise of safety while actually increasing the danger from those that fear the power of others. That circle will continue until mankind can find a way of reducing and finally eliminating the fears of one another.

  • Those that have no direction and have no goals in life are standing in their graves.

  • The most obvious mistake that some make, is when they believe that they’ve made no mistakes.

  • Those that hunger never criticize the cook

  • Death is sleep without dreams or awakenings.

  • It is the small things in life that annoy and irritate, not the large things; a grain of sand in the eye irritates, a boulder never.

  • To be whole or not to be whole, that is the real question for modern man.

  • A black sheep amongst the white knows not of its blackness.

  • What we say may be original and even unique; what we are is always original and unique no matter our efforts to conform.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 107 of  161

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