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  • The gold-standard of genuine love is when oneís happiness becomes dependent on the happiness of another.

  • Many an aim is true whose target is missed.

  • We rarely see the blind run, yet through most of life we are blind to the consequences of what we do but never think of slowing.

  • The enemy without is less to be feared than the enemy within.

  • We all are familiar with the sensation of being tickled by another and giggling, but have we ever wondered why we canít tickle ourselves and detect even the smallest giggle?

  • Education is the treasure that only time can steal.

  • Nothingness unto nothingness and void unto void and within each of these we but flicker.

  • Finicky appetites are never found among the hungry.

  • In our lack of familiarity with something, we are unable to tell what is true and what is false, such as a diamond from a zircon. Children lack familiarity with everything, and that is why it is so easy to instill rubbish in them as though they were treasures.

  • It is easier to refuse the first potato chip than the second.

  • Itís the little things in life that count the most, because thatís what most of life is.

  • Power, in any of its many forms, is the most attractive lure for attracting females, and is the main reason men seek it.

  • Much more poison will exit our mouths than will ever enter.

  • Jealousy is that sharp tool that was made for mining pain.

  • Even the wise may succumb to the fool, but that is very far from an even bet.

  • Some individuals function as though they have two mouths and one ear.

  • The older we become, the thinner the material becomes on which we write our memories, and therefore the poorer they endure time.

  • Freedom is the maximizing of choices, not the ability to choose anything that one might want.

  • It is obvious that we believe whatever we want to believe; what is also obvious that few of us want their beliefs to be only that which has been shown to be true.

  • When young, and doing something successfully on the first try, we often are locked into a mindset of trying to repeat that success for much of life.

  • The maw of greed can never be satisfied.

  • Money can buy many imitations of happiness; but, the genuine article canít be bought.

  • A weak voice often contains a strong message, and a strong voice a weak message.


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Page 128 of  161

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