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  • Few things are so opposed, as are external demands for personal change.

  • Displaying anger is one thing that that should always be put off until tomorrow instead of employing today. Procrastinate with anger, and tomorrow it will be difficult to find.

  • Objective introspection is like wearing night-vision goggles to explore the dark recesses of our being.

  • Compared to the cost of regaining one's health, the cost of preserving one's health is a bargain.

  • Mankind's pursuit of truth is like the glacier, slow but unstoppable by those that resist.

  • Having great knowledge without wisdom, is like having great rainfall without flood control.

  • Those that long for the good old days, are similar to those that find leftovers more desirable the longer they are kept without refrigeration.

  • Patience is often mistaken for timidity.

  • It is a great sadness, to find that in old age, that one must depend upon others in ways that dims the sunshine of their lives without adding much more to oneís own life except years.

  • If one ever discovers the key to the mysteries of life, there will still be more mysteries yet until its door is also found.

  • Itís a shame that so many of lifeís pleasures have been spoiled by giving them the name ďWorkĒ.

  • There are some that go to bed each night already feeling disappointment about tomorrow.

  • If not dying is oneís hope, than we aim to be no more than a stone that also canít die. Not dying entails activity, not mere existence.

  • Many of those, with a reputation for being strong, got their reputation by being excellent in discovering those that were weaker.

  • If we ever become senile, we wonít worry about it because we probably wonít remember what senility is either.

  • From the seeds of success sprouts complacency which then often shrivels into defeat.

  • The maternity room for new ideas has on its door: ďQuite PleaseĒ.

  • We usually think of death as being a sudden event; which it is not. Death is a process that starts the moment that we stop being curious about ourselves and the Universe around us. When this happens, it is often decades before the heart also stops.

  • If we were entirely logical, we would discover scant reason for hope. Thankfully we arenít entirely logical; so therefore hope can often create that which is illogical.

  • There are those that want their names to be immortalized, and some may succeed. But, names are only dead ink in a book, where immortality, to the extent that humans can acquire it, will live on in the changed lives of those that will follow.

  • Those that worry about their pasts need to remember that the past is being created as they worry.

  • It is irrational, but there are times when our dreams of the future seem more precious than our lives.

  • There are many that would volunteer for arrested development if that meant that their bodies didnít continue to develop even though their minds didnít.

  • Two things that could be said in favor of lying is that lying challenges oneís ability to create and challenges oneís ability to remember what was created.

  • Perhaps it is true that deep down inside weíre all the same, but, what we are still remains a mystery.

  • In some circumstances itís best that we donít remember as long as we donít forget what it was that we forgot.

  • Some engage in love affairs that begin in their youth and never ends until their deaths, and they do so without anyone at all ever knowing for sure about their affairs.

  • The past was neither as good nor bad as we remember, and in many cases never was.

  • Nothing quite so limits our feeling of freedom as does the delusion that somehow we are more that just a speck in time and space.

  • America is often referred to as a melting pot, indicating that somehow we will eventually melt together and become indistinguishable from one another; such is a delusion, for no matter how similar we may become, we are and will continue to be creatures that look for differences between one another, and that looking will always be successfully exaggerated.

  • Many go through life with the emotional equivalent of a dark blue wool suit, where everything that distracts seems to be attracted to it, never to be shed voluntarily.

  • If I were given only one year to live, I believe that I would choose the one a hundred years from now.

  • With all of the praise that successful people get, itís a wonder that they have any character left.

  • Perhaps nothing is as emotionally healthy as to rebuke oneís self at least once daily.

  • It seems strange that there is an inverse relationship between what needs to be said and what is said.

  • We tend to learn little from experiences unless they are our own.

  • If women thoroughly understood the average man, few would want them as other than just friends.

  • At times we may wonder if there is still a fine line between normalcy and madness, or whether the line was always just another hallucination too.

  • If sex were only done for premeditated procreation, there would be no animal life on Earth.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 16 of  161

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