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  • It may well be that a brave man dies just once but a coward dies a thousand deaths, nonetheless, just look at all the living that is done in between each of those deaths.

  • Our souls have spigots that envy and hate turn on to deplete what we hold most dear.

  • Oneís desire to be immortalized is self-delusional. Oneís name is all that can become immortal, and a name has nothing to do with the person having that name. After a generation or two oneís immortality is nothing more than a group of letters. Our effects can long persist though, even if those effects have an anonymous origin.

  • Adversity acts like a fertilizer that makes us grow, and to grow ever stronger.

  • Our mental abilities are closer to that of a mouse than they are to the exalted heights that we commonly suppose.

  • Our own faults are more easily remedied after we first recognize them in another.

  • If you are afraid of making a mistake, then you probably wonít make a success either.

  • One will find it difficult to ever appreciate the small things in life if brought up surrounded by only the big things in life.

  • Abstinence makes the eyes to wander and the desire to grow ever stronger.

  • Perhaps actions do speak louder than words; however for many the actions speak a foreign language.

  • An egotist is one that does think of others first, but only when they are paying a compliment.

  • It is a sure sign of the brainís shrinking when we start getting ďbig-headedĒ.

  • Character doesnít automatically grow with each passing year; in fact with many, character seems to shrink with each passing year.

  • To many in the world, happiness is only a word, and to many others only a vague theory to ponder.

  • How can anyone be considered competent to govern others while being inept at governing oneís self.

  • Nothing is as empty as a home occupied by just one.

  • It is often said that an idle mind is the devilís workshop, but for many that workshop has long been demolished and replaced by a playground for angels.

  • Most talents are never developed because of the fear of possible negative judgments by others. Were talents only developed in the presence of applause, there would be little evidence of talent anywhere.

  • A personís behavior will not long vary from the personís thoughts.

  • To be a successful liar requires near perfect memory.

  • As we age, our homes become as foxholes on the battlefield of life where deathís mortar rounds seem to randomly destroy those in the foxholes around us.

  • Though we may all understand what causes sorrow, few can explain what causes humor.

  • The problem is not the storm, it is not the waves, and it is not even the vessel. It is only the skill of the hand on the rudder that must steer the vessel safely through the waves and the storm.

  • Wisdom is born in the recognition of our profound ignorance and is eventually killed by the disease of certainty or the death of the body.

  • It would be much easier for us to write an autobiography if it werenít for so many that remembers our history.

  • Regardless of how well we may know ourselves, we are always left with another "Why?" as to what caused the cause that we last understood. In the end, we will never know why we think and to do as we do, though the less we know of ourselves, the easier it is to assume we know ourselves absolutely.

  • Those that possess tenacity, have an unfair advantage over others, no matter how talented, but lacking that particular quality.

  • Most find that enduring intolerance isnít so difficult after all, as long as itís directed at someone else.

  • Most would prefer the beauty of a lie to the ugliness of a truth.

  • When young, it seems that danger is the sole possession of others. When old, it seems that we are the sole possessions of danger.


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