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  • Mankind, in its quest to control nature, has unwittingly begun the systematic destruction of human nature.

  • Like many animals that shed their skin as they grow, the process of maturing involves the shedding of old delusions and the acquiring of newer ones for shedding later. Our hope should be that the newer “skins” are closer to the truth than the ones just shed.

  • In a sense, we are always incomplete in some way until one day we’re finally finished.

  • At times we may see beauty where others see none. We should always feel blessed when we find another that can share the beauty that we once thought was for our eyes alone.

  • We will never know all of what we are; we can only know more of what we are; for to know all of ourselves would probably be to know all of everyone.

  • It is one of life’s great misfortunes that the past has a death grip on so many of today’s minds; minds that need to be set free to deal with the problems of tomorrow.

  • It is strange that today we are more upset by seeing two men holding hands than we are by their holding a heated argument.

  • Many learn little more from their mistakes than they do from walking with a sharp rock in their shoe. All they learn is that they both hurt.

  • More behavior may be locked within our genes than we now suppose. As a child I developed a resolve to never be like my grandfather; yet I find out now that I am becoming my grandfather, but only in a different time and place.

  • After receiving life from their parents at birth, teenagers seem to believe that they then have a claim on their parent’s lives as well.

  • When a brick wall is built, it is built one brick at a time, the same way that our thoughts build character, one thought at a time. Although building character isn’t considered a building project, our thoughts inevitably build our character. This is just another reason for our thoughts to be positive as much as is possible.

  • Life is similar to a wooden pencil in that the longer it is used, the shorter it becomes until we finally get to the eraser.

  • There are restless spirits among us that seem determined to be unhappy no matter what route their future may take.

  • The provider of human happiness exists solely within each of us. To seek it outside of ourselves is like a cloud expecting the earth to give it rain.

  • The collective conscience of a majority may bear little to no relationship to the conscience of any of its members.

  • We are all custom-made; but it is up to us to discover for what.

  • Most so-called second thoughts are really first thoughts; as the most likely preceding mental process was likely a habitual response or an emotional response that was totally unrelated to thinking.

  • The antidote for an irrational fear is the courage to ignore it.

  • It is the weak that must constantly show an indication of strength; for the strong know that their true strength doesn’t come from the opinion of others but rather from within themselves.

  • The time may come when those in the future look back upon the America of today as just an interesting idea.


  • Since slavery is now prohibited in America, it is safe to assume that I own me, but do I?

  • If I own me, shouldn’t I be permitted to do whatever I want with me as long as whatever I do harms no one else? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If I own me, shouldn’t I be the one to say what I’m worth to me? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If we have separation of church and state, shouldn’t our laws avoid dictating religious beliefs? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If we deem it cruel to let an animal suffer when it in agony and has no hope of recovery, shouldn’t a human be allowed equal protection from cruelty? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • If by any standard that is used to determine mental competency, I’m deemed mentally competent, shouldn’t I be allowed to decide about my continued existence? Logic says yes while our laws say no.

  • The tyranny of theologies, once implemented into our laws, has throughout history, and probably will throughout the foreseeable future, weigh down on mankind’s existence with outrages such as this. At this time a person must suffer unbearably and without any hope of recovery, because of theological beliefs that have corrupted some of our laws; laws that bear no relationship to mankind’s humanity to his fellow humans.


Comments - Our Human Nature
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