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  • "Waste" is the value of whatever that is expended, that is recognized as being in excess of the value of what is received. Thus, only the one that expends is capable of determining if waste exists.

  • The only way to not have wealth in jeopardy is to be without wealth.

  • Irrational thought is very often caused by believing that our conclusions are observations.

  • Certainty is mankind's most contagious delusion.

  • The stronger we feel that our opinions are based on facts, the greater the likelihood that our opinions are on biased "facts".

  • If at first you don't succeed, you shouldn't be surprised unless you believe you're divine.

  • Certainty about things is the "master poisoner" of understanding.

  • In the stock market, some are determined to get rich no matter how much it costs them.

  • If anything you design is to be foolproof, don't feel secure unless you plan to live in a world of only fools.

  • In planning for the future, we cannot avoid peering through the distorting lens of times past.

  • In a dog eat dog world, it's advisable to not be a dog.

  • Debt is to one's financial health, as cancer is to one's physical health.

  • Opportunity doesn't have to knock if you lend it the key.

  • Imitate the mountain. Its reach is never as high as the width of the foundation upon which it stands.

  • A penny saved is more than a penny earned, depending on your tax bracket.

  • Today it's "If at first you don't succeed, then sue, sue, again". Also, if at first you do succeed, then you probably didn't try something difficult enough.

  • Never choose a spouse or a stock investment for anyone. If you must do one or the other, pick the spouse.

  • Inflation is nothing but a tax that slowly drains the value of the dollar. Investors often think that their investments are appreciating when actually they are declining in inflation adjusted dollars, especially if one has to pay taxes on gains that are really losses.

  • Lenin said that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency of a nation. The Federal Reserve System seems to have taken this idea to heart as the value of the dollar has declined for most of the years since its operations started in 1914. Before this time inflation, since G. Washington’s time, was near zero.

  • The greatest obstructions, to accumulating enough capital to become economically independent, are to be found in the small expenditures that we make daily.

  • It is remarkably liberating to sell a troubling stock at a loss and to then reinvest in something else, that at least initially, is hopeful.

  • It is often said: “Well, you can’t take it with you.” as a justification for frivolous expenditure. The point should be that money can perform a liberating function during all of life; and even if it could be “taken with you”, what use would it be in either place?


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