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  • The only way to not have wealth in jeopardy is to be without wealth.

  • In the latter stages of a bull-market, the market is most characterized by bull.

  • In every age there will be those on Wall Street that so treasure truth that they would never waste any on the average investor.

  • We should concentrate on avoiding IOUs and concentrate on accumulating IOMEs.

  • If one chooses to invest his capital in the stock market for ego reasons, then the capital will likely be devoured along with the ego.

  • To the greedy, having surplus money is like having surplus life.

  • Letting CEOs and directors choose and pay their auditors, is like permitting the prisonís warden and guards be hired and paid for by the convicts.

  • In pursuing success, itís best to assume that the future is always there for you to either take or make.

  • We should look at our failures as being only tollbooths on the road to success.

  • To expect life to be rewarding without taking risks is like expecting a lottery to pay you without having made the gamble.

  • Those that are seeking absolute safety are really coveting their own graves, for only in the grave is there absolute safety.

  • Many that believe that the love of money is the root of all evil also seem to believe that the hatred of money is the root of all good.

  • A corporationís financial report is like a string-bikini, intended to reveal a lot while not revealing the whole.

  • Success largely depends upon regarding our failures as temporary disruptions.

  • Free markets are the financial equivalent of a democracy in that those that possess money can "vote" it on whatever they prefer. This is very much like being able to cast a ballot for any candidate that one chooses. Thus the free market is like a vast polling booth where the producers of the most popular products, receive the most "votes". To resent those that accumulate wealth in a free market is like believing that a winning candidate got more votes than was deserved. If markets are free, and elections are unrigged, then the winners received their just rewards. It is difficult to see how those that profess to want democracy can also oppose free markets.

  • Overconfidence is the mother of market losses. Doubt is the father of market gains.


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