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  • At major turning points in the market, the majority opinion will always be the wrong opinion.

  • It is often true that the greater the risks, the greater the reward; however the likelihood of greater rewards being achieved by taking greater risks, decreases much faster than the rewards increase.

  • There are many that the richer they get, the poorer they become.

  • An economist is one that has become an expert on telling others what the economy should have done; and after having been correct one time in a row, is sought after for years for an encore.

  • One of the chief lures to taking investment advice from others, is to protect oneís ego; for when investments sustain a loss, one can always blame another for losses, even though the choice to follow anotherís advice was entirely the investorís decision.

  • Those market analysts that seem to have the knack of forecasting, got that way by forecasting to those that have a knack for forgetting.

  • All money, not just paper currency, is based on the assumption that it will be able to be exchanged for something that is wanted more. But, even a thousand pieces of gold would be rejected as being worth a large plank of wood to someone struggling for life in an ocean.

  • One of the strangest things about people is that they spend so munch money for the things that money canít buy.

  • The singular pursuit of wealth most often leads to the wealthiest impoverishment.

  • Long-lasting financial security is not the result of chance, but the conscious decision to spend less than one is capable of, with the greater the difference, the earlier the financial security. Even great fortunes can and are frittered away by not applying this obvious maxim.

  • The greatest secret in successful investing is the principle of compounding undisturbed capital over long periods, a secret that produces results that few can comprehend even when they understand the principle of compounding well.

  • A hoard of locusts can consume all that one has grown; the heard of mankind can consume all that they have produced, and through public debt, consume much of the produce of future generations as well.

  • Without taking inflation into account, itís easy to fall behind while apparently going forwards.

  • Impatience causes far more investment mistakes than investment gains.

  • Saying that one was just lucky in accumulating wealth is like saying that one was just lucky in being free of body odor.


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