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  • Investors that expect wealth to do more than open the door to freedom may find that they have gained obsession instead of freedom.

  • Money should be looked upon as a storehouse of part of the life that was spent acquiring it. Those that subsequently acquire this wealth through inheritance or gifts, understandably have none of their life stored there so it is disposed of accordingly.

  • Mindless "scapegoating" seems to be a part of every culture as individuals try to affix blame for their own or loved-oneís failures. In the US, corporations have become the hobgoblin to blame, as laws that are harmful to corporations are implemented. These in turn usually most punish those that the laws were most often intended to benefit.

  • THE SECRET SYLLOGISM OF THE POPULIST - Those primarily seeking profits are evil. Corporations primarily seek profits. Therefore, corporations are evil.

  • There is no tooth fairy that arrives to increase a nation's wealth; rather it is increased by the difference between the cost of production and/or distribution, and the revenue derived from its sale. This is true; not only for the corporation, but for the wage earner that sells time to the employer. If there is no difference between cost and revenue, there is no gain in a nationís wealth.

  • Knowing how to preserve wealth affects one's wealth as much as knowing how to gain it.

  • Seeking safety above all else is wherein lies the greatest risk. This is like feeling safe in a dense fog because of not seeing any peril. Safety comes in seeing peril and avoiding it instead of the delusion that no peril exists.

  • Those that propose invention's coming into being, without the inventor being rewarded, are the mortal enemy of human progress.

  • Though it may be true "That work will make you free", work wonít stand a chance unless one spends less than what is earned.

  • It is easier to become enslaved by the want of ever increasing wealth, than it is to become free by the advantages that wealth creates.

  • Can anyone really be considered free while under the bondage of debt?

  • If one engages in impulse buying in the stock market, they can count on their capital being "gone with the whim".


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