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  • The growth of a nationís wealth stems from the creation of wealth, and not from just changing its ownership.

  • The fastest way to lose money in the stock market is to try and make money the fastest way.

  • It is time to run away as fast as you can when someone says to you: "You can trust me."

  • It is the mark of the wise investor to imitate the investing techniques of those that have succeeded over a lifetime, and avoid those that have failed. Most investing techniques that are promoted today are the latter.

  • When investing, it is wise to not try and buy at the bottom with the intent to sell at the top. This is speculation not investing. Investors should look for companies that one would like to own outright and also own for the remainder of oneís life, then do the same with a small portion of that company, a portion called a stock holding.

  • Those that believe that theyíre able to time the market havenít had much experience trying to do so. They may as well try to forecast what the weather will be like in thirty days.

  • As soon as an investor becomes emotional about either the market or a particular stock, poor investment results will soon follow.

  • Most investors invest like a driver whose attention is focused on the rear-view mirror.

  • Hot tips and hot skillets should both be handled with great caution to avoid getting burned.

  • One of the chief unrecognized causes of global warming has to be the ever escalating amount of hot air rising from Wall Street.

  • Oneís greatest stock-market losses will come from relying on sources that are trusted and not from those sources that are distrusted. Skepticism is wisely called into play whenever buying stocks based on trusted advice.

  • The most important easy lesson to learn in investing is how to pronounce "NO".

  • One never soars into debt. The word "falling" is accurate when describing going into debt.

  • Inexperienced investors tend to buy "laughing stocks" instead of profitable ones.


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