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  • Most individuals enthusiastically support property rights, as long as the property is theirs.

  • The number one thing an investor should know about investing is their own tolerance to risk; as the lack of this knowledge will produce all kinds of unprofitable decisions.

  • Spontaneity regarding fiscal matters is like spontaneity in handling firearms. In fiscal matters, planning is essential early in life so that one can afford spontaneity later in life.

  • Taking financial advice from those that have an economic interest in your decisions, is like providing curb service to tigers.

  • The old saying "A little knowledge is dangerous" is especially true of stock-market investing. Even more dangerous yet is the tiny knowledge supplied by Wall Street advisors.

  • Unless one is prone to believe in "Alice in Wonderland" investors should never rely on any financial projections about any company. These, in the main, are fantasy.

  • The concept of security is an apparition created to sooth the insecure which generally causes the insecure to act in ways that decrease their security.

  • Few things are as destructive, in our pursuit of success, as trying to please everybody any of the time.

  • If you are in business and donít have enemies, itís probably because youíre on your way out of business.

  • Living below oneís means, means a future less mean.

  • In business, imagine what act of your competitors would most bother you, and then do the same to them first.

  • All great fortunes once started out as small savings that just kept growing by investing.

  • There is that kind of success that requires the failure of others. There is that kind of success that doesnít require the failure of others. The most likely type of success comes from the latter; as one doesnít need to devote time struggling with someone that also wants you to fail.

  • The most certain way to wealth, is to earn as much as possible and then spend as though earning little.


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