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  • The concepts of things being either overvalued or undervalued, is meaningless prattle. Value is always the price of the last transaction. There is no other objective meaning to value in investing.

  • Few things are as predictive of success as going the opposite direction of the many.

  • A lie told often enough: a lie told long enough: a lie from a trusted individual: often have the temporary effect of transforming a lie into expert investment advice.

  • All currencies should be looked at in the following way. Think of each currency as being a sinking ship that is also in a fleet of other sinking ships. Because all of the ships are sinking, all of the masts on those ships are also. Paper-money (fiat money) will always deteriorate as every government finds it politically advantageous to print money instead of taxing their citizens. The average citizen doesnít realize that inflation is actually a stealth-tax.

  • Ben Franklin should have said that there are only three things that are certain, death, taxes, and the debasement of currency. Because of this, all investing is like trying to climb the highest mast (the investment that has the best future prospects) that is on the ship that is sinking the slowest. Long-term trends are for every currency to deteriorate towards zero, but at greatly varying rates. Whenever you buy any investment, you are unknowingly investing in the currency of the country where that investment is based.

  • When investing, believe nothing from those that might have a financial interest in your decisions.

  • Those that resent the profit that others make resent the only source of mankindís accumulated wealth. When anything, even a service, is sold, if the cost is not less than the price, it is impossible to add any wealth to mankindís inventory.

  • The most important holding in any portfolio, is patience.

  • In the hands of the average investor, option trading is a weapon of asset destruction.

  • We all recognize that there are bull-markets and bear-markets; but there are also cow-markets where the main opportunity lies only in milking market moves for short-term capital gains.

  • Inflation is merely theft from the saver to benefit the borrower. Governmental debt is merely theft from those of the future to benefit those of the present.


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