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  • It is easy to assume, that because some have developed complex methods of predicting the stock market that they therefore must know what they’re doing; and that is true. What they know how to do, is to develop complex methods of predicting the stock market. That their methods are any better, in the long run, than mere chance is doubtful.

  • "Know-littles" like to take advice from the "know-mores" that know just a little more.

  • The concept of "paper loss" is one that investors should abandon except for tax considerations. Anything that decreases one’s net-worth is a loss, tax wise or not. A paper loss is still a loss. Anyway, isn’t money is made of paper?

  • We are often told that "We shouldn’t put all of our eggs in one basket.", when we should have been told to keep our eyes on our eggs whether they’re in one basket or ten.

  • If one only saves for a rainy day, how will one deal with a blizzard?

  • They that proclaim the evil of wealth may be like the spurned lover that finds nothing but fault with his successor.

  • Trying to make a surefire investment is like trying to win at roulette by placing a bet on every number.

  • There is a vast difference between being wealthy and being rich.

  • When our coins were worth their face value in precious metals, the government put small ridges around the edges of the coin to make it evident when someone filed the coin to steal part of its value. Today, it is the government that steals from its citizens, by decreasing the value of its currency by filing it down by using a tool called inflation.

  • It will be amazing to those of the future how so many of today traded their solvency for useless trinkets and nostrums.

  • Look at debt like elective surgery. This kind of surgery might result in an improvement to life, but not totally without risk to one’s life.

  • Wealth often uncovers the best and worst in an individual; as wealth only provides the freedom to develop our tendencies, not create them.

  • One of the most certain ways to lose money by investing, is to focus on the amount of wealth that the investment is supposed to produce.

  • Often our attempts to soar to success, like an airplane trying to take off, are foiled by a strong wind to our back. Those that seem to have everything going for them, often depend on those things instead of themselves.

  • One of the biggest obstacles to successful investing is called ego.

  • If you don’t plan for the future, then the future will have plans for you.

  • Inflation is a sneaky form of taxation that benefits the borrower at the expense of the saver; and there is no greater borrower than the U.S. Government.


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