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  • Nothing has intrinsic value, not even the whole universe, but within oneís mind there exists a whole universe of things that we value intensely.

  • Our certainties describe nothing but express only our intense feelings about things.

  • Opinions never changed a fact, but eventually facts change opinions.

  • Some men think that they should be able to do anything that they want to, and all women should think the same as they do on this matter.

  • Any dogma that clearly denies mankindís nature persists only because it seems that "the authorities" must know something that the other believers donít.

  • Miss Understanding is the mother of the children that grow up into hatreds.

  • The fact that you fool me doesn't make me a fool, but if I fool me, then that does.

  • As the oak would become an elm, so do many believe that intense believing will cause an untruth to become a truth.

  • The "Theory of Evolution" is rejected by many, because "evolution" is only a theory. Is "gravity" also rejected by the same people because it is called "The Theory of Gravity"? What is theoretical is how evolution functions, not if it exists.

  • A "sacred cow" produces no milk while it is consuming one's objectivity.

  • As rivers flow toward the oceans, one's beliefs should flow towards truth, even when that truth is found to be in opposition to one's convictions.

  • Since everybody believes that they are different, why do so many want to appear to be like others?

  • For anyone to regard a picture of the human body as pornographic is rather like regarding the Sistine Chapel's ceiling as graffiti.

  • Delusions often arise from thinking that truth is proportional to the intensity of our beliefs.

  • "Luck" is nothing but a phantom, born of misunderstanding probabilities, and reared by ignorance.

  • It is not sadness, but beauty to: look at everything, listen to everything, smell and taste everything, and feel everything, as though that will be the last time to ever do so. Sometime this will be so.


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