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  • We like to believe that our friends will tell us our bad qualities; we also like to believe that since they tell us none, that we have none.

  • The noose for killing curiosity is tied with dogma and hung from the tree of certainty.

  • Since there is often only one correct answer and an infinite number of false ones, itís no wonder that most of what we believe is false.

  • The wisest bit of knowledge is that it is always incomplete.

  • In most people, a long held belief is capable of slaying a thousand well founded facts.

  • When most of the people of a culture start believing a stupid thing, it only means that a stupid thing has gotten very popular.

  • Even those that create styles reject them as unworthy; but, they generally wait a year before letting us know.

  • Time doesnít change everything; time only changes clocks and calendars; all of the other changes happen when time isnít looking.

  • If it is the best of times as well as the worst of times, then it is an average time.

  • If a witness ever really gave ďThe whole truth and nothing but the truthĒ, he would die of old age before leaving the witness box.

  • It isnít regarded as being creative just because one has found a dozen ways to spell a word.

  • In believing that clothes make the man, means that we havenít evolved beyond superficiality.

  • Change is inevitable; its direction isnít.

  • Perfection is like a horizon in being never attainable and always receding.

  • It seems that many have the Declaration of Independence reversed: We have the right to pursue happiness; happiness doesnít have the right to pursue us; but even if it had that right, it is doubtful if that right would be exercised.

  • When a winner becomes a loser, it is often because it was believed that a winner couldnít become a loser.

  • Treat your limitations as though they were records just waiting for you to break.

  • It is well to judge the future by the past, but a mistake to expect that the future will be like the past.

  • The limits, that each of us have in our ability to comprehend, places limits on what we will accept as fact, which explains why so many truths, that are obvious to some, are totally rejected by those lacking in an ability to understand, and why beliefs are so widely varied.

  • Even if it is true, that a little learning is a dangerous thing; a little learning is an absolute prerequisite on the way to much learning.

  • Those that believe that talk is cheap were never on the receiving end of poor advice.

  • Without our cornucopia of delusions, it is questionable whether civilization, as we now know it, could survive for only two more generations.

  • Those that we regard as being the sanest are those that are most able to imitate it.

  • One thing that should be remembered is that once one possesses anything, rarely does it seem more valuable than before.

  • The main thing wrong with ďevolutionĒ isnít that it didnít happen; the problem is that most minds havenít evolved enough to grasp how it explains what we are.

  • The weakness of an opposing argument is no more obvious than when it appeals to authority instead of reason.

  • If money is the root of all evil, what is the part above the ground?

  • A baby is nurtured by its mother until weaned; after that, the child is nurtured by others so as to mature with the beliefs of the many.

  • We may seem smart if we compare ourselves to one another; but we are ignorant when we compare ourselves to what we know that we donít know and we are barely conscious compared to what we donít know that we donít know.

  • Things arenít valued because they are essential; things are valued because of our cravings, no matter how unneeded they are; if the opposite were true, water would be regarded as precious and diamonds would be regarded as just another kind of gravel. With enough advertising, individuals could be persuaded that beaver teeth are valuable.

  • Many more things are taken from the works of others than were ever put in; that is because those that do the taking also do a bit of putting of what it seems to them it should have meant..

  • There are some that seem to think that reality can be voted into existence; therefore, they never tire of trying to convince others of their realities, which are, in fact, only their opinions.

  • If you believe that you canít do something you will be proven correct; if you believe that you can do something, you might be proven correct, and that is the entire reason to hold this belief.

  • We should always remember that our strongest beliefs may be only a vague opinion to another.

  • Perhaps time only seems to fly from us because it is we that flee from it.


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Page 112 of  131

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