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  • It is our nature to not believe all that we see or to see all that we believe.

  • Seizing the day would be a lot easier if days came with handles.

  • We can never know who is the kindest person, the one who feeds the hungry in a nation that can not sustain itself, or the one who chooses not to feed the hungry in a nation that can not sustain itself because to do so only increases the number of those starving in the future.

  • Any that condemn doubt, demand servitude of our minds instead, and perhaps our bodies as well.

  • Because of our innate insecurities, we seek absolutes in a Universe where there are few if any; yet truths of the moment stream by, while we, dipping our hands into that stream, grasp what we need for the day.

  • Perhaps those that claim that life is but a dream or an illusion, may be only practicing denial of that which is, or has been, too painful to accept.

  • The person who donates to others on the misbegotten belief that somehow such acts will be rewarded by greater wealth hasnít made a donation but an investment.

  • What we call a great cause, one worthy of dying for, will someday be thought folly and worth thinking of no more.

  • Our fears and desires cleverly masquerade untruths as undeniable truths to be held as absolutes for living.

  • When the truths of the ancients agree with the truths of today, there is more likelihood of their being closer to the absolute truths than those newly discovered truths of today.

  • Has anyone ever had enough common sense to declare that he doesnít have any?

  • The faster one moves towards a goal, the more important it is to first know that there is a goal and where it is, otherwise oneís speed will become oneís liability. This becomes even more important as modern methods create ever more speed.

  • Hyperbole is to truth what tarnish is to silver.

  • It is impossible to understand the cause of feeling loved, as it is not persuasive enough that another tells you so; it isnít persuasive enough that another acts as though acts were done for you because of love; it isnít persuasive enough that a document exists that declares that love for you exists, and it also isnít persuasive enough that others declare that a particular person has love for you. Doubt will always remain and we will never understand why. But, for one that feels loved, even if another told that person he wasnít loved and never was, that person wouldnít believe it, and would just wonder why they were trying to protect by pushing him away.

  • Dueling hasnít really ended; it has just stopped using lethal methods.

  • Some speak of their homeland as their motherland and others as their fatherland, yet it would be more accurate today to call our land our ďchildlandĒ, because it is we that will shape its future and determine if it will survive or die.

  • Of course crime doesnít pay; itís society that pays for crime.

  • Many long-lasting relationships arenít perfect unions but perfect truces.

  • We should all take life seriously, especially if it is someone elseís.

  • If a pig could speak, and speaking wisely, and if a leader were speaking, but speaking foolishly, follow the pig.

  • It is easy to accept the opinion of another as a fact, but the only fact is that what was said was only the opinion of another.

  • The dependent mind, regardless at what age, looks for an authority to say what is right and what is wrong; however, there are no authorities on right and wrong even though there are innumerable that claim to be.

  • We exist like snowflakes in the palm of a hand, crystalline and pure in descent, hesitant on alighting, then disappearing forever.

  • No one becomes an overnight success, but many that are successful often become recognized overnight.

  • We deserve no more from another than what they freely agreed to provide; they deserve no more from us than what we have freely agreed to provide.

  • Mankind has developed intricate feeding habits for its many faults, and the most prevalent feeding habit of all is to call a fault a virtue.

  • Those that seem to question as to whether reality is what we perceive, can resolve the question by hitting their thumbs with a hammer.


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