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  • Self-affirmation is the ultimate attainment of a mature mind since it no longer needs or wants the affirmations of others in order to feel fulfilled.

  • Although we believe, through science, the greatest and most important problems of life can be solved; this is more likely a delusion than a realistic hope, as most of our problems originate within us and it is unlikely that science will ever change our very nature.

  • Even though we know a great deal about mankind, it is obvious that we understand very little.

  • Becoming disillusioned is so often expressed as a negative occurrence, yet it is difficult to see why one would want to deal with a real world by using those things that are proven to be false. One should deal with the real world with those things that have a demonstrable existence, and deal with the abstract world with those things that have a theoretical existence only.

  • An un-required explanation of a failure goes by the name “excuse”.

  • Unwritten laws are about as useful as unwritten telephone directories.

  • We are closer to the truth when we regard ourselves as being ignorant then we are when we regard ourselves as being knowledgeable.

  • To depend on knowledge that is false is like depending on the ice of a lake that looks thick but isn’t.

  • Do those that criticize virtually all of the changes that mankind makes as being unnatural, ever stop and consider what their lives would be like if they were living in an entirely normal way?

  • Mankind doesn’t kill one another over matters of fact; they destroy one another over assumptions that conflict, such as religion, politics, racial superiorities and inferiorities, and other matters that matter little if at all in the long run.

  • Many criticize science because it seems to restrict imagination, but science only tends to direct imagination in the directions where imaginations are more likely to be fruitful. All these critics have to do is look at the bountiful amount of new science-fiction today to see that even within the field of science, imaginations are expanding, not contracting.

  • Believing in things that are false is like walking on frozen lake where the ice looks thick but is thin.

  • One of the most difficult delusions to lose is that everything must have a beginning and an end. The fact that we can’t conceive of an alternative is not proof of anything.

  • Perhaps everything does come to those that wait, but only if death comes later.

  • Many, if not most, feel that they’re not unusually creative, but this is less true than they believe. If one only reflects on one’s dreams, when the “I can’t” kind of thinking is turned off, everyone will discover a rich source of original movie-like happenings being created quickly and effortlessly. The trick is to turn off the “I can’t” kind of thinking during the day.

  • Not only do we realize that we know less, the more we know, but our opinions also weaken enough so that the opinions of others are not in turn disruptive to our inner-peace.

  • Perhaps the only rational conviction that we should have is that we shouldn’t have any other convictions.

  • In Gresham’s Law, bad money drives out good money. For instance paper money drove out gold and silver money. In much the same way, “bad truths” drive out “good truths” Good truths are those realties that have always existed, and “bad truths” are the fantasies that tend to drive out realities. Realities abound about us, but they often are discomforting while the fantasies provide comfort. Realities are discomforting because they come into our awareness after we have long become nestled in our fantasies of youth. As long as we continue to rely on our fantasies instead of our realities our problems will grow.

  • Honor is to always act in accord with one’s conscience even when so acting is certain to arouse the disapproval of those that care most for us.

  • Mankind seems to find its inherent ignorance so intolerable, that if a rational understanding isn’t available that it willingly accepts an irrational understanding no matter how improbable.


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