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  • Duty isn’t something that we can force into another like an unpleasant dose of medicine; but rather duty is something that must grow, unopposed, within each of us or not at all.

  • Every individual has ancestors that were rogues and some that were heroes. We are not made less by the former or more by the latter, and it is only the vain that denies one and boasts of the other.

  • Almost any job, that seems too great, can be felled by nibbling.

  • Our credulity is a door that we keep open to allow entry to falsehoods of all kinds, a permanent home.

  • In most things that have complexity, the shortest route is most often the “long-cut”, not the shortcut.

  • The difference between decisiveness and impulsiveness is in the outcome.

  • The further you get away from science, the closer you get to the truth by disbelieving whatever authorities claim that you should believe.

  • We are not carried to the inevitable on a conveyor belt named “destiny”; rather, each of us is carried by nothing other than our ability to create our destiny each day by our choices.

  • Although determinism is undoubtedly correct, it will always be claimed as false because neither person nor computer will ever be able to input the number of variables that determine our choices. One such variable is the assumption of freewill.

  • Were we able to convince everyone else that our beliefs were true, the truth of those beliefs wouldn’t be any different than if no one else believed.

  • If we are what we eat, then I need new eye glasses.

  • Accepting dogma eliminates the need to think as we merely accept the thoughts of others.

  • Dignity doesn’t require other’s recognition of what we are; it only requires our own recognition.

  • Disappointment is always the product of unwise expectations; a linkage that clearly shows how to never be disappointed in life.

  • The reason that evolution is criticized, and Intelligent Design is praised, is due to the fact that we are incapable of comprehending the enormous numbers involved in the time of the Earth’s existence, the area of the Earth, and the extreme smallness involved in microbiology. Because we can’t comprehend anything, we always resort to simplistic answers, and call them truths.

  • Acting at the wrong place and the wrong time is no better than not acting at the right place and the right time; but it is only by action that one can know which is which.

  • It is wise to be objectively aware of those things for which we cannot be objective.

  • The debt, that weighs most heavily, is the debt that we owe to those that have departed and can no longer be repaid.

  • Enslavement can arrive as a thunderclap or as a persistent whisper.

  • The dawn of enlightenment must always war against the darkness of dogmas and superstitions.

  • Death might not seem so terrible if we got a sample of it first; but then again, perhaps we already have.

  • Our inability to understand great issues is easily demonstrated by trying to understand time. We can neither understand how time could have existed without a beginning, nor can we understand how time could have had a beginning. Perhaps neither is a possibility, but we can’t understand what a third possibility could be.

  • Anything that we do, because of the expectations of others, is a form of servitude, no matter how mild. To act because of our own expectations, that are independent of other’s expectations, is the foundation of freedom.

  • The intensity of a belief implies no more truth than does the intensity of a dream.


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