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  • Nature places its bet on those that take natural law into consideration before acting. Those that bet on dogmas, superstitions, and authority, place their bets on phantoms.

  • For those that believe that man was created in the image of God, they might reflect that since it is nearly certain that the first man originated in Africa, that therefore, there is the obvious inference that God should be black.

  • Wherever Heaven is to be found, its path will go through the heart.

  • One of mankindís greatest delusions is that man understands the mind of God; but there is an even a greater delusion, and that is that man is capable of understanding the mind of God.

  • There are many that say man mustnít play at being God by deciding on matters of life and death; but they forget that having the power to either take or not take a life and deciding to do neither, is also what God does daily.

  • Even if we were certain that prayer wouldnít change Godís opinion of us, we can still be sure that prayer changes our opinions of ourselves.

  • Inaction, by those that claim to be virtuous, has resulted in far more harm in the world than by those that intended harm.

  • Trust those that claim that they will turn right and then do so. Distrust those that claim that they will turn right and then turn left. The hypocrite will be found in all of lifeís stations trying to lead others to where they sought to avoid.

  • We should never fear the Judgment of God if we always did what we believed to be right, regardless of what we may come to believe later.

  • Although our concepts of God may change as we grow older, it is doubtful that God changed accordingly, and thus, He will always remain there as our anchor in an ever changing sea.

  • A relationship between two people is more than the presence of two physical bodies in proximity to one another; because a relationship exists in our minds even when we are not close physically. For this reason a relationship extends beyond the grave with the survivor and perhaps with the other as well.

  • Many pray to not be led into temptation only because that would take away the surprise.

  • There are those that have so fallen in love with myth, that they regard truth as an interloper.

  • The problem with Christianity isnít in believing in it, but in the living of it.

  • There exists within each of us, the seed of our own spirituality that will never germinate unless found and nurtured by our devotion to the highest principles found within us.

  • Contemporary religions should keep in mind that one of the reasons that there are no Druids today is because their religion didnít change to fit mankindís needs as mankind changed.

  • If we hold our beliefs as being only assumptions, we remain open to change, and are never kept awake at night by a challenge to a deeply held belief.

  • Many that attend church seem more impressed by structures than by God.


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Page 30 of  67

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