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  • The faith of another should never be questioned because it canít be proven, for if it could be proven it would no longer be called faith.

  • One of Godís greatest gifts to mankind is the ability to give and receive sexual pleasure, but theology has corrupted that gift into something unclean and little different from beasts that are driven through instinct to reproduce.

  • If God is omnipotent and can create what ever He wants, why does He want man to be perfect yet not make man so that he remains so?

  • Whatever Heaven is supposed to be, if it turns out to perpetually any one thing, give me a perpetual void instead.

  • Whenever a theology has dominated a culture, be that theology Christianity, Marxism, or any other sundry religion, darkness has descended upon its people.

  • Before a religion can succeed, it needs a gimmick that enables it to claim superiority to all other gimmicks.

  • Our souls have spigots that envy and hate turn on to deplete what we hold most dear.

  • Zealots of every kind believe they are the sole arbiters of truth and wisdom, and are much more to be feared than those that make an overt effort to seize power.

  • If God, as many suppose, knows of the future, how can man be held accountable for his acts that merely fulfill that future?

  • It is unlikely that one hour spent of Sunday morning will serve as a sufficient antidote for the other 167.

  • Godís Words are not to be heard; they are to be felt.

  • Many ask God for the blessings that they donít have, while they seem to appreciate none of the blessings that they already have in great abundance.

  • Doesnít it seem that mankindís presumptuous efforts to create saints in Heaven represent a kind of mutiny against Godís authority in His Domain? What kind of people would assume that their judgment is superior to Godís?

  • Perhaps we are only a passing fancy to God and not his ultimate masterpiece as many like to assume.

  • More to be feared than the person that sets out to deceive, is the person whose convictions of rightness are so strong that getting others to believe likewise is lifeís pursuit, and is justified in using any means possible to get others to believe likewise.


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Page 49 of  67

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