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  • Celebrities, in entertainment and sports, like to expound on subjects that they pretend proficiency. Would such arrogance also continue if they pretended proficiency in brain surgery?

  • When the time comes that a culture goes mad, those that remain sane will be considered mad.

  • If mankind continues to exist for a million more years, all of the knowledge acquired up to that time, whether retained or not, will be mere pittance compared to that which will remain unlearned.

  • Populism is the seductive promise of a better world, and always will be, just like the always receding pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow.

  • The difference between a con-artist and many painters of modern art may be only theoretical.

  • Great success should have a label attached which reads: Warning! This product tends to be very corrupting.

  • Debt is to one's financial health, as cancer is to one's physical health.

  • Opinions never changed a fact, but facts eventually change opinions.

  • Even water will flow uphill when constrained by a pipe and under pressure; the same as mankind's social nature will become aggressive when confined by high population density and intense social pressures.

  • Corruption is anything that tends to move anyone away from that which is verifiably true.

  • Dogma demands an entrance fee of irrationality, wrapped in naiveté.

  • Neither glue nor time will repair a broken confidence.

  • Each child is either a small increment of mankind's evolution, or mankind's extinction.

  • An ascetic may happily deny anything to anyone, and feel very moral in the process.

  • Mobs exist even when its members are widely separated and will never meet or be physically together.

  • The appeal of socialism to intellectuals is primarily due to the fact that their attention tends to dwell in the theoretical world, rather than in the practical world.


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