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  • Intolerance is only an echo, resounding through the ancient caverns of ignorance.

  • Since scientists and intellectuals professes to understand only a minuscule amount of what is knowable, why do so many scientists and intellectuals scoff at other's beliefs only because they're not understood?

  • That privately owned firearms are used to kill people should be expected. Long before firearms and to this very day, religion has been used to kill many more. Perhaps religions should also be banned?

  • War's beginnings flow from a river that contains no honor or just causes; but rather it is mortally polluted by the poisons of prejudice, greed, envy, pride, fear, and old hatreds.

  • As the shepherd would not employ practices that reduce his flock, so also would the leaders of the underprivileged tend to avoid economic policies that would reduce their flock, even though they state that this is the exact purpose of their policies.

  • Within the collective soul of every civilization, there slumbers a body of irrational fears just waiting to be aroused.

  • Insults are only words that we magnify like a grain of sand in our eye.

  • Few practices are as destructive to human progress, than the tendency of those that are famous to disguise their neuroses as thoughts that the many accept as entirely rational.

  • Sometimes it is also blackest just before it gets blacker.

  • Treat power as if it were a serious disease, for power can destroy one's character as surely as disease can destroy one's body.

  • Fame is to time as a snowflake is to a flame.

  • It can never be true or false when it is said: "One should do (anything)". To omit "in order to (anything)", it is precisely the same as claiming that "2 + 2=?" is either true or false. Usually when it is said that someone should do something, what is unexpressed is "in order to meet my expectations".

  • Reality is a most unwelcome guest in the cave where many minds dwell.

  • In a dog eat dog world, it's advisable to not be a dog.


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