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  • Lack of punctuality with others should be looked at as an early indicator of dishonesty, for stealing anotherís time is stealing a portion of anotherís life.

  • Those, unwilling to pay the price for success, get what they paid for.

  • Money should be looked upon as a storehouse of part of the life that was spent acquiring it. Those that subsequently acquire this wealth through inheritance or gifts understandably have none of their life stored there so it is disposed of accordingly.

  • Nature doesnít give a whit as to what ought to be, or what the plans of mankind are.

  • The cumulative horrors vested upon individuals by other individuals, is miniscule compared to the horrors imposed by governments, organized religions, and various other groups that claim worthy goals.

  • It is true that money can't buy happiness, but many are so disposed that great wealth won't even make a decent down payment.

  • The belief that fear creates respect is like the belief that cancers also create respect. Real respect comes from laudable acts, not from those that produce fear.

  • When one gives an answer to a question as "It is just because it is!" they really mean, "I don't know."

  • When most claim that a statement is unfair, they do so because they can't claim that it's inaccurate.

  • One might think of quotations as being insights into things that are seldom questioned.

  • Realists are the archenemy of the superstitious because they threaten their comfortable beliefs. The superstitious are extraneous to the realists because the superstitious threaten only themselves.

  • Even those that are unreasonable believe themselves to be reasonable. None think of themselves as being unreasonable, no matter how unreasonable they are.

  • Once one has spoken foolishly, one then often becomes more foolish by attempting to reason their foolishness into wisdom.


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