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  • Those that say, "That rules and laws were made to be broken" are being as rational as if saying, "That fine china was made to be broken".

  • The miracles that happen frequently we call "nature". The miracles that happen rarely we call "delusions".

  • That music is so loved everywhere, might be explained by audible imprinting on the child when comforted by its mother. Melodious sounds do not come from animals when freighted but when secure. Thus perhaps there is the association of melody with security, either by imprinting by the mother, or genetically from our evolution.

  • The difference between a genuine compliment and manipulative flattery is unknowable to the recipient, and can only be suspected. It is safer to assume the latter.

  • Gratitude is one of the most perishable of commodities, especially in the hands of our children.

  • The past can always be discovered in the future.

  • When the intellectual falls in love with an ideal, it is best not to propose marriage until it is found to be compatible with reality.

  • They that "rock the boat" are often the ones least able to swim.

  • Because it is our nature to tend to notice things and not the absence of things, we tend to notice clusters of incidents and ignore the equal number of voids. Probability alone requires both. For instance when we see clusters of leukemia, we look for a cause even though there may be an equal number of voids of leukemia in essentially the same environmental conditions. This proves a fertile ground for lawyers to exploit the ignorance of juries.

  • When someone says: "It's common knowledge." you can be sure that it isn't knowledge, and perhaps not even common. At most it's only a common assumption.

  • To the prognosticator, tomorrow will also be the first day of the rest of his life.

  • Astrology applied to reason is as water applied to fire. Reason applied to astrology is as fire applied to water.

  • Just because the shell of the snail continues to grow, doesn't mean that the snail is discontented, any more than a person will grow into maturity without discontent for what one once was.


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