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  • The future should be looked at as a case of "work in progress".

  • Like at the racetrack, the bridal path doesn't necessarily lead the bride to the winner's circle.

  • For many, the main purpose of neighbors is to have someone in whom to feel superior.

  • Some would rather loose their "tails" than lose face.

  • Even trash has the potential to become valued if patient and long-lived enough for it to become an artifact.

  • The cure for desiring to eat in restaurants is found in one day of working in some of their kitchens.

  • Few things are as disarming to one’s accusers as saying “You might be right.”

  • If there were ten meanings for the word “I” and ten meanings for the word “am”, then there would be one hundred possible meanings for the sentence “I am”. Consider the possible number for an average sentence.

  • Many conversations consist of mere waiting periods for individuals to talk once a moment of silence is detected.

  • If someone tells you that there is a grain of truth in what you say, they’re telling you that everything else is rubbish.

  • Few things are so irritating, as a know-it-all that really seems to know it all.

  • Punctuality isn’t just a virtue; it is also respect for those that wait.

  • We may feel oppressed by another, and we may even be oppressed by another, but the greatest oppressor of all is the ignorance that we shelter from the reign of knowledge.

  • Some seem to believe that the more times they press an elevator’s button, the faster the elevator.

  • In defeating an opponent, few things are so cost efficient as paralyzing him with ambivalence. Likewise, nothing assures the opponent’s success as much as one’s own ambivalence.

  • Many claim that “Talk is cheap.” This is too general, because some talk is quite rare. While some other talk is quite costly if believed and acted on.


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