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  • While silent, the person might be thinking. While talking, it’s still possible that the person might be thinking.

  • One of the worst of crimes is the murder of a child’s curiosity.

  • A sharp word will be felt much more intensely and longer than will the point of a needle.

  • It is near certain that those that can answer every question, know few answers.

  • What is rest to the idle is recuperation to the active.

  • Those that are drawn to be in the presence of the famous seem to have a belief in trickledown fame.

  • Some people are like leeches that will suck blood for as long as tolerated.

  • If a people are to be conquered, their will to be unconquered must be destroyed before their will permits a triumph.

  • Revenge is an arrow that first must be plunged into one’s own heart, before plunged into another.

  • A statistical study of anything that is random is certain to present clusters of occurrences and clusters of voids. Lawyers take the clusters of occurrences to indicate that some particular cause existed that should cause the victim to be rewarded even when no cause other than complete randomness existed.

  • Finding fault with a child’s effort in making something is like a late frost on a delicate seedling.

  • A secret shared by two, is half a secret.

  • Though we may be free to choose, we are never free to choose our list of choices.

  • It is no coincidence that the word “mad” indicates derangement as well as anger.

  • When others start using words that they know that you don’t understand, it is time to pay very close attention as to what they do.

  • Morbid obesity is proof that many love some things more than themselves.


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