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  • It is often said that if we could see ourselves as others see us, that we’d be surprised; but if others could only see us the way we really are, then they’d be surprised.

  • Wherever there is a giant, a thousand dwarfs with knives will be found.

  • A computer is one thing that clearly shows that when something goes down, it doesn’t necessarily come up.

  • If it is true that “Love conquers all”, then why do hatreds and wars still thrive?

  • The “School of Hard Knocks” is inexpensive to enroll in, but expensive to graduate from.

  • Some Americans believe that they have a special birthright granting them a superior position in our society regarding immigrants-immigrants that are willing to work harder, become more educated, and save more money for their future and for the future of their children. Those Americans with this belief are doomed to have their children serve at the pleasure of the children of these immigrants.

  • Nixon was driven from office by trying to protect others by illegally covering up evidence of their illegal acts. Clinton was left in office even though he tried to protect only himself by illegally covering up his own act with perjury.

  • To those that feel disenfranchised, putting any well-sounding social objective in front of them is like throwing a tasty morsel to a hungry dog.

  • The least talented jeer the loudest.

  • The Holocaust, though one of the greatest tragedies of all time may have been a blessing to the rest of the world; for without the maniacal persecution of the Jews, Hitler may very well have achieved his goal of world conquest. In a way, those that perished in the Holocaust may have saved us all.

  • Like a rancher raising cattle, the Sun will nourish our Earth each day until one day consuming that which it nourished.

  • Chaos is the rule in the Universe. It is our very narrow focus that makes order ever seem the rule.

  • Individuals in a courtroom aren’t held in contempt of court because of their contempt of that court, but rather in the display of that contempt. Display gets the fine, not the contempt.


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