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  • Since "Pride", the first of "The Seven Deadly Sins", has become a cultural icon, can it be long before Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust are also placed on the altar?

  • Opportunity doesn't have to knock if you lend it the key.

  • The wisdom of a fool is worth more than the foolishness of a thousand geniuses.

  • Doubt follows knowledge as surly as shadows follow light. To escape this truth, one must live in perpetual darkness.

  • The greatest tragedy of mankind is the enormous undeveloped talent that goes into the grave each day.

  • To the wise man, wealth will only open one door to personal freedom, a doorway that he still must pass through by knowing when enough wealth is enough.

  • Space is what prevents all matter from existing in the same point. Time is what prevents all events from being simultaneous. To say more is to explain less.

  • The world desperately needs less of “a tooth for a tooth” thinking and more of a “together for a tomorrow thinking.

  • It is true that “All that glitters isn’t gold.” But it is also true that some of what doesn’t glitter is gold.

  • The fishmonger shouts louder as his fish get older.

  • The well-trodden path that attracts the traveler also beckons the predator to come lie in wait.

  • The loudness of the zealots for social change is roughly proportional to the costs that others will be required bear.

  • Few things show the irrationality of youth as much as the fact that they are so concerned about taking care of the bodies of their replaceable cars, while abusing their own irreplaceable bodies.

  • When facts speak for themselves, it would be better if they used a bull-horn instead of a whisper.

  • Ubiquitous conspiracy is appealing to those that need a reason to explain their own failings.


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