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  • Those that lust for credit for their achievements may have achieved whatever they did only to satisfy those lusts.

  • America is in danger of letting public opinion be determined by our regarding celebrities as oracles of wisdom.

  • A perfect teacher is one that makes the teacherís continued presence perfectly irrelevant.

  • History is under constant assault from those that would like to justify their own failures by the adversities in a new history that they invent.

  • The attracting glow of the mysterious can illuminate even the darkest of times.

  • Some believe that there is no such thing as honest criticism.

  • Most would be helped by devoting less time reading the books written by others, and more time trying to understand the book written within each of us.

  • The dawning of science has been at the expense of the darkness of superstition, mysticism, and religious dogma. The challenge for science is to shed enough light on mankind that the dark forces, still existing in the shadows of today, are not able to strengthen and drag mankind back into an encroaching blackness of a new dark age.

  • Few engage in puffery during their solitude of reflections.

  • All great thoughts are born tiny.

  • We never know when each building block of truth is formed, whether it will go into the tower that reaches to the heavens, or whether it will only be put into the road leading to that tower.

  • Some are so cantankerous that they believe that every well-founded opinion deserves its opposite.

  • Nothing is so close but as untouchable as the minute just lived.

  • Why wasnít the rabbit luckier when it had all four of its feet instead of just the one that the superstitious call lucky?

  • Every exit is an entrance into another place. Every phase in which we exit is an entrance into another phase, even the exit from life.


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Page 22 of  101

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