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  • If you travel a thousand miles south, then a thousand miles east, then a thousand miles north and arrive where you started, then you started at the North Pole.

  • If you find yourself able to do a particular thing better than others, you should anticipate that the others will want you to keep at it forever.

  • We should be happy at the end of our lives, if we have just brought one small stone to the top of the mountain and it remained there without rolling back.

  • Poetry is not the exclusive domain of rhyming words, or even words at all, but can be discovered in all things, even in the very motion of our bodies.

  • Before a “train of thought” can go anywhere, it must be connected to a locomotive.

  • Only knowledge will “defang” ignorance, not eliminate it.

  • Many have retired without their employer’s noticing.

  • Life’s longest journey is the one that lacks the first step.

  • The key to success that is most needed is the key that unlocks us from our fears.

  • The value of an idea is roughly proportional to the amount of upset that the idea causes initially.

  • Someone has said that given enough time, a monkey and a typewriter could write “War and Peace”, but time wouldn’t be the only problem. Who could afford that much ink and paper?

  • It is sad commentary on our times that most individuals are more interested in making a good impression than an accurate one.

  • One of the most difficult things to teach children is how to doubt everything but not feel so insecure in the absence of certainties, that fear prevents them from accepting assumptions.

  • As long as curiosity lives, education will breathe.

  • When it comes to the infirmities of aging, it would be much better for them to be “never than late”.

  • Zealots of every stripe never met a mind that they didn’t want to control.


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