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  • Socialism is Communism plus doubt.

  • Those that claim that they know what’s best for you are taking the first step in deciding what is best for you. This is so, not only on a person-to-person level but also on an institution-to-person level.

  • If any communication were totally original, it probably wouldn’t be understood by anyone. Perhaps the only totally original sentences come from schizophrenics.

  • To many, the word “work” is just another dirty four letter word.

  • Few things arouse more distrust than one that brags of his honesty.

  • Some people seem to interpret the right of “Freedom of speech” to mean “The necessity to speak incessantly”.

  • The most important thing children teach us is how much of a pain we probably were to our own parents.

  • Sometimes a movie should notify us: “That the name of the movie was changed to protect the book”.

  • There is perhaps no better example of courage than the mother, that when left alone with her children, remains determined that their futures, come-what-may, will be happy ones.

  • Reputation sticks to us like years. Once acquired, they remain ours forever.

  • The echoes of the past still move us in ways that go unrecognized only because our ears don’t hear them.

  • Most arguments only show us that two people will continue to disagree.

  • Few things so raise our opinions of others as their tendency to look up to us.

  • One thing that doesn’t cause discomfort, when it gets into our eyes, is beauty to its beholder.

  • While standing in the light, it is easy to give advice to those still standing in darkness.

  • What we call progress has resulted from theories that have led to empirical evidence as to the nature of our universe. When theories only result in dogmas that are to be held for all time, progress is impossible.


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