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  • Censorship is society's condom for prevention of different thinking.

  • In competition, nothing is as self-defeating as the belief in one’s great superiority.

  • The downside for leaders, that have many vigorous followers, is revealed at the cliff’s edge.

  • Success is an inexpensive teacher when compared to the price of failure.

  • Those that must gain trust by commanding “Trust me.” have just demonstrated their inability to earn it.

  • Since hate was never created from reason, it is no wonder that it will never be extinguished by reason. The only hope of ever eliminating hate will take generations in which the very young are exposed truths that will counteract the poisons of hate that they have already been learned.

  • Those that discourage the accumulation of wealth are often the first in line when the government hands it out.

  • If a perfect egalitarian revolution could be achieved today, another would need to occur daily.

  • Each computer on the internet has become another neuron in the developing new brain of mankind.

  • Which is better, for a man to do good while trying to do evil, or a man to do evil while trying to do good?

  • Obedience to the yearly changes in clothing styles is little different than a horse responding to the commands of its rider.

  • Any statement that doesn’t specify a time and place could be true. Therefore, if anyone eats watermelon, then death is certain to follow.

  • There are many that might contend that if marriages were made in Heaven, then they were made strictly for export.

  • Courtesy is the bubble-wrap for human interaction.

  • Perfect justice is like the North Star-excellent for navigation without the expectation of arriving.

  • If money grew on trees, we’d be composting money instead of leaves.

  • Every road to success is fraught with potholes. Every road to failure is fraught with appeal.


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