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  • If all of civilization goes down the drain, where will we get a plumber to unplug the mess?

  • Chance without choice in the pursuit of success, is no better than choice without chance.

  • One of the problems facing society is that we are replacing willpower with pill-power.

  • Nick-pickers and quibblers need no microscope to examine minutiae; and they tend to imagine themselves elevated above others by this ability.

  • One of the things that is supposed to be highly valued and is also considered abundant but never for sale, is common sense.

  • Those that fear change should find the prospect of death comforting.

  • It is somewhat of a wonder that those that use the slogan “Extinction is forever!” haven’t protested the world’s attempt to eradicate all of the communicable diseases that mankind has suffered. Perhaps they’re secretly rooting for the diseases.

  • Sometimes our children make us feel that they believe we shouldn’t have become parents.

  • One of the best things about big cities is being able to reduce the tyranny of neighbors.

  • It would be better if our nights had dreams of what might be rather than those of a past that perhaps, never was.

  • If experience is the best teacher, why do so many experience the same failures repeatedly and not learn to do differently? Perhaps these are cases, not in need of teachers, but in need of psychiatrists.

  • Impulsive acts probably results in more harm than deliberate wrongdoings.

  • A college education merely provides something to stand upon to climb a procession of higher plateaus, though many act as if college were the final plateau.

  • Since children are so proficient in opening child-resistant bottles, perhaps each bottle should come with the loan of a child.


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