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  • No opponent is as difficult to defeat as the one possessing quiet patience.

  • Each new verifiable truth is like adding a rung to a ladder that mankind can climb to heights yet unknowable.

  • There is no way to save time, as many claim they are doing; rather time must be spent as it is acquired since it is the most perishable of all commodities.

  • The principles of “Survival of the fittest” should eventually mean that truths will displace untruths, as the latter are ill equipped to survive in the real world instead of the world of convenience in which they were born.

  • When supplied only with the name of another person, we recognize that we know nothing about that person; however, when supplied with only the names of many things, we instantly assume great familiarity.

  • Truths are more durable than anything that mankind can produce, since truths will continue existing even if the Earth should cease being. All we can do is discover them.

  • The only known antidote for prejudice is knowledge, but usually the antidote is rejected.

  • The greatest enemies of most are their own words.

  • If what we say differs in any way from that which our eyes and ears capture, then that difference is probably not the truth.

  • One’s understandings are most often inversely proportional to the generalities used in one’s thinking.

  • Those that take joy in hearing of the sorrows of others will also take joy in hearing of our sorrows.

  • If a quotation is used merely to claim authority, it should be ignored. Authority doesn’t manufacture truth; rather it is truth that manufactures authority.

  • If a quotation is used to create new thought, it shouldn’t be ignored. Even if that quote contains no truth, it still points the mind in its direction.

  • Words can only prove other words. Only empirical evidence can prove reality.

  • Excess pressures of life are best prevented by our keeping our exhaust valves fully opened.


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