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  • A deadline is one thing that if ignored, always goes away on its own.

  • There is little question but what the tongue is swifter than the brain.

  • When a group of the unenlightened combat with a equal number of the enlightened, bet on the former; for they, in their ignorance, will have passion while the latter- complacency.

  • If the majority always ruled on every matter, there would be little truth in the world.

  • Silence in others is indeed golden to those that are reflective.

  • Who is the expert on the general topic about what is an expert?

  • It is a kind of bribery to promise a reward to children for doing what they should have done on their own.

  • Some our greatest discoveries can be expressed as simple truths that were derived only by very complex means.

  • Snoring may be the clearest evidence that we need to evolve faster.

  • What seems like hatred may be only ignorance wound too tightly around zeal.

  • If curiosity kills the cat, then itís the lack of curiosity that kills progress.

  • One is no more a thinker, because of passing on the thoughts of others, than is a retailer a manufacturer of the goods that are passed on to his buyers.

  • When facts speak for themselves, you need to be sure that you know their language.

  • Those that live in the past are those that have abandoned tomorrow.

  • Many spend their time gaining money, and then spend their money attempting to gain time.

  • The chief value of traveling is to learn the greater value of staying at home.

  • The best thing about the first all-out nuclear war is that there wonít be a second.

  • Wills would be quite different if they could some how be written a week after dying.


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