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  • With medical costs trending as they are, it’s only a matter of time till only well heeled individuals will be those that are well healed.

  • Insomnia should be looked at as less a threat and more of an opportunity to think without interruption.

  • Much of society’s problems derive, not from our wanting it done well, but instead wanting it done now.

  • Few things elevate our opinion of others as much as their willingness to say “I was wrong” when they were.

  • Those that cannot see are often ahead of those prone to see what isn’t.

  • No one can think of any logical reason for the Universe to exist, but that doesn’t bother it a bit.

  • The trifle of fashion looms large in the shallowness of mind.

  • Self-doubt has cornered the market on jealousy.

  • If children are lucky, they’ll overcome their handicap of having had an easy childhood.

  • How can anyone regard themselves free and still blame others for their acts?

  • Cancer is described as cells that just continue reproducing until the destruction of the host. In this sense, humans could be looked at as a kind of cancer to the host Earth.

  • Just because others are silent doesn’t mean that they’re listening.

  • Some go through life trying to prove that reality is only a delusion.

  • If “truth” shall set you free”, it doesn’t follow that half-truths shall set you half-free.

  • People that have things on their minds seem more susceptible to change, than those that have things in their minds.

  • If you think that I know a lot now, you should have known me when I was a teenager.

  • In spite of the obvious handicaps our culture has heaped upon African-Americans, there is no other country in the world where they, as a group, have achieved as much, especially compared to the region of their ancestor’s origin.


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