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  • Most people seem as though they would rather have the wrong opinion on a subject than no opinion at all.

  • Doesn’t it seem strange that we say “falling in love”, instead of “ascending in to love”?

  • Nothing blunts the keenness of a child’s curiosity as much as an education that just tells them “How it really is”

  • We have laws that require “Truth in labeling” for products that are sold; but there are many untruths that we are sold on that are labeled “facts”.

  • Those that are opposed to Globalization need to supply another solution for raising the standard of living for those in the poorest of nations.

  • Perhaps we’d have a happier condition if we had instead of a “human race”, a “human coalition”.

  • Those that most lust for power are those that feel most threatened by its absence within them.

  • Few are as despised as much as those that initially cast light into the sanctuary of intellectual darkness.

  • There are only two geometric points on earth that don’t rotate once each twenty-four hours, the North and South Poles.

  • Journalists have become like bloodhounds in pursuit of dirt; and like bloodhounds, they find dirt the easiest thing in the world to find.

  • It seems that when conversation starts up, thinking goes down.

  • If they ever discover the gene that causes depression, do you suppose it will be named “the blues gene”?

  • Some solutions breed to become several problems.

  • It is believed that nature wastes nothing and that there is a purpose in all that we observe; but as yet no one can explain why we have earlobes.

  • If clouds really had silver linings, they’d fall and crush those below.

  • To our occasional dismay, the computer is always brutally honest.

  • The malcontents of “the good old days” did just like they do today, in that they also longed for the good old days.


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