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  • Censorship is to liberty, as raping is to virginity.

  • The best security system of all is knowledge.

  • There are many that might have benefited from having currency being imprinted with: “WARNING- MONEY CAN BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH”.

  • Though light may extinguish darkness, enlightenment has never extinguished a prejudice, even though prejudice dwells in the blackest darkness.

  • Every end of an ending is the beginning of a beginning.

  • "Style" is only one link in the chain that binds freedom of thought.

  • For the powerful to willingly yield power to the weak, would be like the oceans emptying back into the rivers.

  • There are those that if they suddenly lost all of their hatred, would find their lives intolerably empty.

  • Some are so fond of freedom of speech that they would defend to your death your right to say anything.

  • Life is very much like a mosaic. When up close and working on it, the product can’t be appreciated. Only by finishing and stepping back, can one know of its success or failure.

  • Those that demand political correctness are tyrants that hold onto their beliefs as if they were universal and absolute truths to be imposed on everyone else. Hope for the time when we can recognize that these tyrants are politically incorrect.

  • Just because some lies are white, doesn’t make them invisible.

  • The attraction between men and women is like the appeal of a beautifully wrapped gift. All that matters in the long term is the content of the package, not the wrappings of long ago.

  • Few things are as perishable as acclaim.

  • At the minute of execution, the condemned man would be happy just to have one more day to stare at the grayness of his cell. Yet many others are unhappy while having the right to live freely and look at the stars with time in abundance.

  • “Perfection” is only an apparition, created to destroy the satisfactions in what we’ve accomplished.


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