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  • The critical mass for starting the chain reaction of a violent argument is the insertion of ignorance by one or both parties.

  • In America, we tend to oppose government and others censoring what comes to us through our senses; yet each of us has an internal censor that keeps us from being aware of much that comes to our senses: a censor that not only blocks what is real but distorts reality into that which is false.

  • One genuine advantage of old age is the recognition that the long-term adverse effects of what is happening in the world will not affect us; and at the same time, we recognize that whatever we do can have no adverse long-term effects on the world.

  • The existence of many business dangle by the slender thread of advertising that somehow convinces the public that happiness can’t exist without possessing some particular object.

  • Why are minutes kept at meetings when they always last for hours?

  • We often hear that familiarity breeds contempt, but in business, without familiarity, success is unlikely.

  • “Word of mouth” may be the best advertisement; but it is also the best way to become discredited.

  • If everyone is allotted fifteen minutes of fame, does that mean that publicity hounds are the reason so many die in near total anonymity.

  • Every nation needs its home grown heroes; and when supply starts running low, more are quickly manufactured to meet that need.

  • Judging from results, it is often hypothetical to say which is a head of a person, and which is a head of lettuce.

  • Much news should be regarded as mere rumor until confirmed by unbiased observers. Until then, one should hold such news (rumors) as only being popular opinions.

  • It is mildly frightening to let the mind fall through the supports that we have depended on in the past, without trying to grab on to them; but if one is serious in self-discovery, they’ll permit the falling to continue without even a parachute to slow the decent. We will stop falling when we arrive at our true selves.

  • Perhaps in the end we’ll admit that the care of the Earth is too important to have been entrusted to people.


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Page 43 of  101

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