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  • Something that few of us appreciate is our health. Every moment there are millions that would give anything just to live as most of us do daily. Perhaps on days when we feel deprived in some way, we might reflect on this fact.

  • Perhaps there are those that can communicate with the dead, if we only study their communications to their clients that are apparently brain dead.

  • There are many that regard Will Power as a very distant relative that they’ve yet to meet.

  • Genealogy is the attempt to determine ancestors based upon three absurd assumptions: that all mothers were always 100% faithful to their husbands, that there were no illegitimate births where the father was unrecorded, and that there were no adoptions that went unrecorded. This last assumption is significant when one considers how many mothers died during childbirth, with the infant being taken by another family or a stepmother that became its mother, without recording either of these facts.

  • Since air and water are both fluids, humans are able to experience the sense of flying when snorkeling in clear water, and to do so in the absence of any fear of falling.

  • I once thought about joining an organization; but I never thought about it a second time.

  • With all of the Mona Lisas in the world, if it takes a chemical analysis or an expert to determine which is which, what difference does it make if it were painted by Leonardo da Vinci or your neighbor; assuming that art is all that is appreciated?

  • Thomas Malthus postulated that food supplies increased arithmetically, while populations increase geometrically; thus predicting mass starvation at some point in the future. Today, it may be that the educated-enlightened are increasing arithmetically while the uneducated-unenlightened are increasing geometrically. Thus, at some point in the future the forces of darkness may choose to extinguish all life on Earth with a single cobalt bomb, rather than suffer the future extinction of their “holy” causes. Once these people possess this weapon, all of mankind will be taken hostage.

  • Participating in sports teaches us that defeat was only for that day; but by improving, victory may come yet another day.

  • If you want a dog to yield its bone, offer it steak.

  • America is constantly hurtling itself into the future; and we can be sure that wherever we eventually land, that this spot will be named “Bull’s-eye”.

  • Remember that a leader is not always the one we ought to follow; that is because some are like Judas goats that lead cattle to slaughter.

  • Public opinion is becoming the “Court of First Resort” in determining jury verdicts in newsworthy trials. Trials now start from the first day that a popular figure is accused.

  • Changes are occurring so quickly that in an average lifetime, one can see a way of life be born and then to die and be buried by its progeny.

  • If trust is ever given to us, it should be nurtured and returned to its sender with interest.


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