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  • What others may shout about you is not as dangerous as what they whisper.

  • Much traveling for pleasure would cease if the travelers recognized that what they’re trying to leave behind, is not their home but themselves.

  • War is not a kind of game; instead it is a conflict where each combatant seeks every unfair advantage that can be found, and the more the better.

  • We often lament the dark times of our lives; but during these times we discover that, which we otherwise overlook, just as the darkness of the skies permit our seeing the stars.

  • With sound cancellation technology now a fact, the best selling recording of all time will be when someone finds out how to make a CD that cancels all of the sound within a room.

  • The practice of teaching humanities to college age students is like trying to teach pumpkins how to make pie.

  • Dictionaries should be looked at as history books of what others have meant by the words that they used. Like all history, this history is always being rewritten so that meanings of words will be different a hundred years from today. Thus we should always try to think of what people mean by the words that they use, rather than what are the meanings of their words.

  • Coming generations will find it incredible that fossil fuels, the building blocks of so much of what we consume, was at one time so cheap that we burned it as fuel.

  • It may be that first impressions are lasting impressions, but the most important impressions come in-between.

  • Though containing no words, the motives of another are often easy to read.

  • Some make history while others make up history. To do the latter, tell it often; tell it hard; and tell it long.

  • Many find fault without having a clue as to how things might have been done better.

  • Much formal and non-normal education is like trying to understand a book by reading one of its last chapters. If the background of education doesn’t exist, the foreground will useless.

  • When a whole society develops the same mental illness, an individual possessing the same mental illness will seem normal and the non-neurotic will seem neurotic. Which is which, is determined by observing which exhibits the greater degree of dissatisfaction with their lives, and which exhibits the greater satisfaction.

  • Even the most mundane of things becomes a source of endless puzzlement if explored in depth.

  • The Emancipation Proclamation freed the African-American slaves of the nineteenth century; yet today, almost all of us submit to a new form of slavery where the taskmaster is totally unrecognized yet we bestow to him our obedience each day.

  • Education often affords the educated the ability to write grammatically correct rubbish.

  • The cleverest plans usually fail because of their complexity while the boldest and simplest plans usually succeed.

  • In the human body there is only one bone that is not connected to another bone. It is named the hyoid. But in many, there is another bone that isn’t connected to another bone or even to reality for that matter. Its name is the wishbone.

  • We shouldn’t expect television to ever present the highest values of our culture when television continues to be so highly rewarded for doing the exact opposite.

  • We shouldn’t assume agreement by another’s silence; for even a stone is equally agreeable.

  • Our dreams at night meander through our subconscious like a lone goose that is looking for food without any hint as to where that food will be found. Our day dreams employ the same goose, only now we supply it with directions.

  • It is surprising sometimes how alcohol will open doors where there was once assumed to be none.

  • Children are often told that they should be seen and not heard; but we need to remember that they may also be seeing and hearing what we say and do.

  • If today sticks and stones should break our bones, there’s always a lawyer handy to break the other’s finances.


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