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  • Some days it seems as if yesterday just “rear-ended” us into tomorrow.

  • The most valuable reasoning that we ever do is when we explore our own emotions to try and understand why we are attracted to some things and repelled by others.

  • If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, is one bird in the bush worth a half of a bird in the hand?

  • Whatever destiny is supposed to be, how can it be anything other than the way things turn out? In this sense, everything has a destiny, even a rock.

  • Most of the reasoning that we hear is someone trying to justify some act that was done in the total absence of reason.

  • It would be an interesting adventure to spend ten minutes in the mind of someone that takes pride in his ignorance.

  • There are many that value certain others only to the extent that they can control them; so that if another is independent, they have zero value for them.

  • Alchemists of old spent much of their lives trying to change lead into gold. Today many perform a different kind of alchemy by turning their dreams into gold; and a few unfortunates obsess to try and turn their entire lives into gold.

  • Although we will always appreciate new labor saving inventions, we should also welcome some new labor inducing intentions.

  • Counterfeit people are far more common than counterfeit money, and produce far more risk to America’s future.

  • Some blessings may be so well disguised that they first seem like disasters.

  • The Laws of the Universe function like an orchestra, where each member plays a certain song perfectly, but each member a different song.

  • There are far more falsehoods that come from ignorance than come from deceit.

  • History shows that the time of civilization’s flowering tends to be very brief compared to the dark times that come in between.

  • Reality wasn’t designed for the weak and the weak weren’t designed for reality.

  • It is no wonder that truth is so difficult to discover, as truths are small in number while untruths are near infinite.

  • The French seem to be willing to do anything to prevent their language from being corrupted by other languages; while the English speaking countries have no qualms about grafting on words from other languages that express something more clearly than any English words. It seems peculiar to hear of a nation that has a national policy that encourages inbreeding rather than a policy of acquiring new stock.

  • The boastful make sounds while the others make progress.

  • That "You’re only young once.” is often said; and to that I say thank goodness.

  • If we see America’s sun resting on the horizon, and if we are without a moral compass, we won’t know if we’re looking east or west.

  • One thing that I learned from the O.J. Simpson trial is that if I’m going to put on my gloves that I need to take my rubber gloves off first.

  • If somehow an alien from a distant galaxy could become aware of out thoughts, behavior, and appearance, and then told others about us, he undoubtedly would be regarded as insane by his fellow aliens. That is assuming insane is condition that is possible with aliens.

  • A food critic is someone that is skilled in telling you that a Big Mac tastes terrible and Beluga caviar tastes exquisite.

  • Adversity may not be the mother of wisdom, but it is a blood relative.

  • The only way that animals will ever have animal-rights in the sense that we do, is if some way is found for them to organize and send lobbyists to Washington.

  • Popular movies have a tendency to be remade using different actors and different settings, just the same way that history does.

  • Whenever there is progress, enemies will be created in very much the same way that a ship will create waves if it moves.

  • We can become friends with the philosophers of the past and find errors in their reasoning without the fear that they will reciprocate by finding the certain errors in our own reasoning.

  • With the rate of divorces soaring, you’d think that those now considering marriage would use different criteria than those now divorcing; but instead, they seem to be trying to perfect their failings.

  • The puppet-masters of today don’t use strings to move their puppets: they use psychology to move their millions of puppets accordingly.

  • Most people like to claim that they’re not responsible for what they believe, and if we grant them that, how can they then be considered not responsible for what they continue to believe?

  • The ease of controlling anything diminishes inversely by the square of the number of relevant variables within the thing that is being controlled.

  • Those that take away hope from others give them motive to take everything away from the taker.

  • Television and movies do more than just entertain. They both inform and misinform the viewers as to the worlds beyond their own experiences. For this reason they are much more of a factor in determining our future than we commonly suppose.

  • Civilization places a velvet yoke on us at birth that grows as we do, causing us to toil for the benefit of the whole. It is for those that would become free, to grow the individuality that originated within and to conform only to the extent that one must in order to become free.

  • No major advancement by mankind will ever be made except within the uproar of those opposing.


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