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  • The words good and bad, and all of their thousands of derivative words, express little more than our feelings about things. Whenever “good” is expressed, it can be more objectively replaced by: “I or we or they, like something.” Bad can be replaced by: “I or we or they, dislike something.”

  • Going with the flow is exactly what happens when a toilet is flushed.

  • The English language is becoming like a Rosetta Stone on steroids, bridging the gaps between most of the world’s languages.

  • There are some companies that prosper because what they make and sell mostly are promises.

  • Far more species of animals are now extinct than extant; but mankind shows the possibility of being the first specie to become extinct by a form of global suicide.

  • There isn’t an assembly line yet to produce the average American; but there is evidence that one is in the experimental stage.

  • Some conversations seem like failed attempts at euthanasia.

  • Free love is often very expensive.

  • Pessimism is like a life insurance policy in that it provides the benefit of being right even if the worst comes to be. If the worst doesn’t come to be, then one benefits by being wrong.

  • Almost all marriages are happy marriages, but what happens the next day may be a different matter.

  • Civil wars are always the most uncivil of all wars.

  • When some say that they don’t accept something that has already happened, it is like saying that they don’t accept yesterday. Better to accept and modify what’s happened than to deny its existence.

  • Love that can cease being was really only prolonged infatuation.

  • Anytime someone starts off a sentence by saying: “Everything else being constant”, you can be sure that a fantasy is under consideration.

  • The laws of supply and demand explain why criticism is so lowly valued and why praise is valued so highly.

  • The ease of solving problems is proportional to our distance from them.

  • As an adolescent, I was always criticized for not having been brought up properly. Today, this ranks as one of my greatest blessings.

  • Perhaps we should live so that our death certificates list the cause of our death as “living”.

  • Much education seems to provide excellent tools to deal with the world that has just past.

  • Those that complain that life isn’t fair, should take a minute and try to imagine what life would be like if it were absolutely so.

  • There is much to learn from the words that are spoken to us in silence.

  • Great truths can often be distilled into a simple statement that will be acceptable to the many. Simple truths can be inflated into volumes that will be forever ignored.

  • Science is like a great slaughterhouse for commonly held beliefs.

  • A white-lie is a truth that lost its way between the brain and the lips.

  • Television has caused far more books to go unread than any governmental effort at book burning and censorship.

  • Generosity very often enriches the giver much more than the recipient. Those that have great pride and reject help should consider the possibility that it is they who are giving by their receiving.

  • Many of the experts on child rearing that we know are those that have never had children.

  • Other than Achilles’ heal, few heals are ever remembered after their death.

  • Forensics in law enforcement has developed so much that what were at one time just shreds of evidence have now grown into mountains of evidence.

  • Truth is to delusion as a photograph is to modern art.

  • Whenever we believe that we have discovered something that is perfect, we have only found a case where mankind has defined what perfection is.

  • Some choose to burn their bridges behind them before they even get off them.

  • Much of the human sounds that clutter our life should be regarded as audible litter that should have applicable fines applied.

  • There is no reason to believe that the nattering of the many isn’t as significant to the “natterer’s” life as were the deepest thoughts of Plato to Plato.

  • Should sperm donations be regarded as an advanced method of controlling the sowing of wild oats?

  • Many of the most important teachers of life were very unwelcome at the time of their teaching.

  • There are occasions when a blunder was the key to success and other occasions when achieving a goal, failure was assured.

  • Some treat words as though they were empty vessels in which they can pour any meaning into to suit their purpose, especially if deception is involved.

  • Many books are only stacks of written pages while others are minds that are frozen in time for us to explore without the need for brain surgery.

  • Those that say “Cream always rises to the top.” should be reminded that cream isn’t the only thing.

  • Who ever said that talk was cheap never had to consult with a lawyer or analyst.

  • There are those that say they don’t want to marry because they don’t want someone to lead by another; but how unwise it is to not let someone else lead when they know the way better than we, and they to follow when we know the way better than they?

  • Though nuclear weapons may never be used as weapons between nations, they will become the ultimate weapon for those individuals to use that want to hold a nation hostage to their demands.


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