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  • Advice is what people say they want when they really want affirmation of what they’ve already have decided.

  • Each bit of knowledge is like a candle being lit within an infinite darkness where no matter how many candles are lit, the darkness takes little notice.

  • It is easy to see why many in our culture before The Civil War might have looked at our Constitution as a kind of false advertisement, and why some still do.

  • Words open more eyes than alarm clocks.

  • Those that possess little knowledge, and even some of those that have great knowledge, often resort to arousing unwarranted fears in those with less knowledge, in order to gain power and profit. Like most sources of fear, one most often benefits by ignoring all.

  • The language of so many today wouldn’t be improved even by dry-cleaning, but perhaps the users would.

  • Perhaps every bit of knowledge does displace an untruth, but progress doesn’t occur until the untruths are acquired at a slower rate than is knowledge.

  • The popularity of astrology is entirely dependent upon the ignorance of how forces function, and the illusion that the arrangements of stars as being two dimensional.

  • A new kind of power-hungry megalomaniac is now emerging in the disguise of journalists.

  • The habit of giving gifts on certain dates is an effort in self-delusion to believe that the giver has positive feelings towards the recipient. However, there no way of knowing whether the act was an expression of feelings or the abiding by the tyranny of custom, or both. A true gift should only be an expression of feeling, and if dates are removed, they would tend to become only that.

  • If you ever reach your mountain top and others follow you there, it’s always downhill for them afterwards.

  • One of the problems with science is that it advances more quickly than does political understanding or the political skills in using those advances.

  • Those that claim that: “Some particular thing just happened.” have simplified an occurrence into an absurdity, as nothing in the whole Universe ever just happened without a cause.

  • Dreams, kept around too long, often spoil and become obsessions.

  • The most predictable rejection of an opinion is the one that doesn’t merely repeat an opinion that is already held as truth.

  • If the anguish of the world could somehow be evenly distributed to everyone, there would be little evidence of happiness anywhere. Those that set about to change this will find that the only positive effects that they can have will be to reduce anguish only where they are. Those that plan on a grander scale are likely to have no positive effect, and in many cases have the opposite effect.

  • During warfare, a smokescreen is used to hide what is being done. During peacetime, words are used for the same effect.

  • If life speeds by much faster, the present will become just a brief flicker sandwiched between the future and the past.

  • The only reason that we should ever interfere, or slow another, is if what the other is doing clearly indicates harm to others. Hypothesis of potential harm are in most cases only that.

  • Without imagination, biography of either sort would be as interesting as eating yesterday’s potato salad.

  • When you strip away the superficiality of many celebrities, you’ll only find more superficiality.

  • The most destructive thing to originality is a conscious intent to be original.

  • No matter how fast time seems to fly by at times, and to drag at other times, it always travels at the steady rate of sixty seconds per minute.

  • One of the most certain ways to increase demand for many things, is to maintain a waiting list.

  • It’s getting so newspapers contain about as much news as telephone books contain telephones.

  • It seems that many of us have fallen in love with the act of loving; so much so that we often love humanity in general but ignore love in the specific even if the need for love is close by.

  • Communication is easy if it is only an approximation that one judges by. However, if one wants another to have the same thoughts that caused the communication, then communication is far more difficult than is commonly supposed; and success can never be judged by the mere nodding by another.


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