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  • As the Earth bends its self over the horizon, so does time bend itself into the future, never certain of revealing itself until we arrive.

  • The world will never be comfortable with the iconoclast, the “popper of bubbles”, and the one that forces others to think about their assumptions. The most altruistic act for such a person may be to become a recluse.

  • Can anyone be considered free that must endure daily under the yoke of deprivation for life’s basic needs?

  • It is justice to punish an unjust person. It is the greatest injustice to punish a just person.

  • The collective wisdom of mankind was purchased at the price of countless generations, yet it is free of charge to all that would stop and think awhile.

  • Most that oppose globalism seem to oppose it because benefits to the entire world won’t occur in one step, even though all of the benefits that we have came gradually. Those that oppose globalism because it benefits us more than others, or others more than us, are really saying to the others “Go to Hell”.

  • Some groups seem to operate on the theory that if they can just get enough nitwits, they’ll have enough to make a full wit.

  • The dogmas of long ago were perhaps adequate for that time, but may be highly destructive to the present and future.

  • The groups that call themselves “progressive” usually expound the primitive principle of taking from those that have, to give to those that they choose, and in the process create nothing.

  • One of the major tasks for those that want social conformity is to utterly destroy curiosity.

  • Holidays are days that are set aside to show us how we should act daily towards others.

  • Hopefully, mankind will evolve to the point that it will seem incredible that anyone ever based their judgment of another on: the color of the face, the shape of the eyes, or the straightness of the nose, with only minimal consideration as to what was inside of that same head.

  • Socialism is like a street hooker in that both seem more promising than what they deliver, and both may yield unhappy consequences.


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