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  • A lie only tests the memory of another while weakening the character of the liar.

  • Misery may love company, but success canít escape it.

  • Dogma erects an invisible cage around us, limiting where we can go and dictating what we must do inside that cage.

  • Flattery is like an ornament being hung on a Xmas tree for only a short while until removing when the tree is discarded and the ornament is then saved for its next tree.

  • Very often, the most difficult thing for us to find turns out to be the obvious.

  • Memories are souvenirs from our past that often clutter our present with distractions that poorly aid in our planning for the future; however those souvenirs that help us avoid the mistakes of the past, hold a value beyond estimating.

  • Those that oppose genetic engineering would also have been the ones that urged God to rest on the sixth day instead of the seventh.

  • Terrorists seldom terrorize as much as does our imagination.

  • The first person that expresses willingness to compromise is the person that is planning to compromise the least.

  • Our wisest words ever, are those words that are never spoken that would have hurt another without benefiting anyone.

  • Most moments of silence that are taken for some occasion, are spent thinking about what to do in the next moment of non-silence.

  • Itís a tossup as to whether students flunk more than their teachers.

  • Suicide is only the punctuation mark at the end of a long sentence that lacked both harmony and meaning.

  • Advertising is not only intended to create the desire to buy a product, it also intends to provide justification for buying a product that one was only inclined to buy previously.

  • Wouldnít we first have to have a perfect understanding as to the nature of perfection before we could recognize it if it ever appeared?

  • Time will devour all that is before it, even The Milky Way in which we ride.

  • History tends to remember those that died for something, and has always forgotten those that lived for nothing.

  • To prosper in any culture, the culture requires that you act as though you believe that which you know to be false.

  • To proclaim a truth with great vigor casts doubt on that truth.

  • Psychiatrists are the dumping grounds for the faults of our parents.

  • The word notoriety is more and more becoming equivalent to the word celebrity.


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