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  • Few things are as difficult to paint as an accurate representation of another’s face; those that can’t, may find success in modern art where any accuracy is purely accidental.

  • Words that are only spoken are corrupted by the memories of the listeners and those that listen to them; however the words that are written are corrupted only by those that are corrupt within themselves.

  • We all have been urged to make a will so that our estates won’t have to go through probate; but whether we have a will or not, we can’t avoid leaving our life’s influences to later generations. And, like material wealth, our non-material accumulations will vary vastly from that which is strongly negative to that which is strongly positive.

  • Mankind isn’t held back by its lack of intellect; it is held back by our lack of developing that vast resource of intellect that is present in every culture.

  • The blackest days are those when the sun rises but hope doesn’t.

  • Genetic engineering is evolution presented with directions.

  • The greater the ignorance is, the louder the argument.

  • Any time we are required to unwillingly act in any particular way without wages, it is very similar to what history has called slavery.

  • It is always false to say “I had no choice.” But, it is always true to say “I had no way of having no choice”.

  • Those that claim that things are right or wrong by decree, whether of themselves, government, or God, have just proclaimed that reason is alien to them.

  • Expecting those with power to use restraint is like expecting a child with a mouth full of chocolate candy to spit it out.

  • To willingly confront great and obvious danger while frightened is courage; the same act done willingly and without fear is foolishness.

  • The population of faces greatly exceeds the population of people.

  • Educating the young would be much easier if the teachers stopped calling them lessons and started calling them secrets.

  • Everyone agrees that the best advertising is the word-of-mouth kind; and it’s only cost to produce, is value to the consumer.

  • Most failures in life happen because of the daily accumulation of small failures rather than because of one large failing.

  • The activities that we enjoy without end are those that touch some primitive part deep within us that we will never be able to identify or explain to another.

  • There are those that will say “I love you.” with the same amount of love that a person expresses when feeding a mouse some cheese in a mousetrap.

  • The easiest problems to solve are those of another.

  • If someone mistakenly tells an untruth, while believing it to be true, and does so to inform, is that a lie? If someone mistakenly tells a truth, while thinking it to be an untruth, and does so to deceive, is that a lie?

  • If the universe of possibilities is near infinite, then the universe of impossibilities is that amount to the tenth power.

  • Often divorces are less the result of too little understanding and more the result of too much understanding.

  • If Picasso produced such beautiful art, why aren’t individuals flocking to plastic-surgeons for replications?

  • There is better than a remote possibility that there are more people today that desire the unhappiness of others more than they desire their own happiness. It can be said of these people that their own happiness seems to them to come only from the misfortune of others.

  • Few things that are presented to us are what they seem; for behind even the most obvious is one thing wrapped in another

  • Children should be encouraged to be skeptical, even of the words of their parents, and perhaps especially the words of their parents.

  • Many tend to shun science because so many scientific beliefs have been shown to be false as more information became available. What those that reject science fail to consider is that science is in the business of disproving itself. What other kind of belief is devoted to its own disproof?

  • School is a good place for education to begin as it is only the preface for the learnings of life.

  • An artist is a philosopher owning a brush and some paint.

  • Those that complain of the high cost of education should consider how much higher the cost is for “uneducation”.


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