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  • A half-truth is a lie masquerading as a truth.

  • Having a flower garden is one of life’s few opportunities where one can be certain of making the world a more beautiful place.

  • One of the most constructive things that any member of a minority can do to be treated equally, is to act as if that is their expectation, and then avoid most of all, acting as though unequal treatment is likely.

  • The way prescription prices are going, soon homes won’t need medicine cabinets; they’ll need medicine safes.

  • When the sun sets over the ocean, the yellow of the sun mingles with the blue of the sea to paint a fleeting green-flash.

  • Usually when someone wants you to loan them your ear, they’re really after all of the rest too.

  • No matter how many books on child rearing are read, the first child is always a life-altering experiment performed by amateurs.

  • We find it easy to become respectful about the more primitive civilizations that we infer wanted to protect the earth and its environment, but we need to remember that they didn’t have the power to abuse either as modern man does. It is quite possible that their apparent reverence is more a reflection of their means than of their goals.

  • Why is it that we view with skepticism that which is shouted but doubt little of that which is whispered in confidence?

  • When time flies, it never alights again.

  • Divorce is gaining on marriage and shows some promise of appearing even before leaving the altar.

  • Without fashions, what would the snobs do next to feel superior? The answer-anything.

  • Each day gives birth at midnight to a tomorrow named Hope.

  • In the U.S., our main instrument of death isn’t the gun; it is the dinnerware.

  • The bonds of marriage, unlike the bonds issued by our government, are intended to never mature and should never fluctuate in value because of market forces.

  • If there are space aliens, we needn’t fear them, because if they’re smart enough to have gotten near the Earth, then they would have watched us on TV and been smart enough to have skedaddled elsewhere promptly.

  • If roosters crow, why don’t crows rooster?

  • What happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force? The irresistible force goes through the immovable object of course.

  • It is possible to look forward and backwards at the same time if there is a mirror or a library directly ahead of us.


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