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  • Perhaps we shouldn’t try and repair a roof while it’s raining; however there is no better time for discovering exactly where it leaks.

  • For truth to triumph over that which is false, we must first reject absolutely those that claim truth only because of the authority of their positions.

  • Some protect themselves in an armor of quotations in order to deflect the words of others and to protect their own lack of understandings.

  • The cockroaches should give thanks each night for our having provided them with homes that are so free of its predators.

  • Arguments won remain opinions two.

  • The euphoria of living comes as a byproduct of a happy life, not the other way around. Seeking a happy life through euphoria is the siren song of drug use.

  • In the long history of mankind, no crime has been so often treated as a capital offence as the crime of having a different opinion.

  • If one is part of the institution of marriage, does that mean that one is institutionalized?

  • Possessing facts and possessing knowledge are different in the sense that a telephone directory contains many facts but we would not say that it possesses knowledge.

  • The Justice of the Peace marries many that should have used the Secretary of War.

  • Home may be where the heart is, but lust has no home of its own.

  • It seems strange that when we meet those that seem unaffected by telling them the truths that we assume that they don’t want to hear, that we loose respect for them initially because of their assumed weakness, but gain the highest regard for them later as we discover that their being unaffected is a sign of their great inner strength.

  • A gift with strings attached is not a gift but an arrangement.

  • The way things are going, when the meek inherit the Earth, they may not be any more blessed than if they inherited our underwear.

  • In today’s litigious climate, it may not be long before the person that builds a better mousetrap will face a class-action suit in court from the mice.

  • It is enormously easier to believe that we understand one another than it is to actually do so.

  • When a large tree falls in a forest when no one is present, it makes a sound but no noise.

  • Glory is a perishable commodity; glory older than ten years is dead and best buried in its grave lest it in turn bores others to death.

  • Many if not most conversations are little more than dueling monologues.

  • Those that are prone to declare: “I’m not stupid you know.” must have their doubts.


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