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  • There are those that seem willing to use any means to bring down those that are happy, even if those means tend to make the unhappy even more miserable.

  • Sometimes children make us feel like dialing 911 for an emergency DNA test.

  • The time that we live in is so wondrous that if we only fulfilled the dreams that we had as children, we would need to take several steps backward.

  • Many profess to think, and some do so only if forced. Thinking isn't just reacting to life like Pavlov's dogs responding to a bell, but rather thinking is the careful consideration of alternatives and making subsequent choices.

  • After World War two, Hollywood maintained a black list of those what were thought to have connections to the Communist Party. Those on the list were shunned from the movie industry. Now Hollywood maintains another black list, trying to shun those that are avowed Republicans. Bigotry exists even within the groups that voice rejection of all bigotry.

  • Paper money, like virtue, has value only so long as people believe that it does.

  • Today, coroners need a new classification for cause of death that records "Suicide by food".

  • Education is a failure if facts were the only lesson. If the facts are not woven into the useful fabric of mankind, the facts will be lost along with the fabric, like coins dropped into a pocket with many holes.

  • It is the role of culture to suppress our individuality so that we become as predictable as ants.

  • It is our obligation to future generations that we conform only to our individuality.

  • All is temporal, but we tend to be more productive if we feel to the contrary.

  • Truth and reality are like two fish in the sea: all we can do is fish and hope that our catch has one of these.

  • Nature has no grand plan as many like to assume, but simply preserves its successes and destroys its failures.


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